Saturday, April 27, 2013

Overcoming The Loser Spirit-Filling Your Life With Positive People (Lesson #9)

Spending a significant amount of time with positive people feeds our soul and leaves us strengthened for the journey.

How do we go about filling our lives with positive people?

The old adage about "attracting what and who we are" definitely applies to this lesson.

The first step is raising our vibrational level. We can best do this by removing  negative habits and attitudes from our lives.

The second step is to bring in healthier habits and to bring more gratitude into our lives.

Now, I am not suggesting that we go off into a blissful bubble filled with delusion and denial.

I am suggesting that we become more aware of the blessings that exist all around us.

Once we have completed these steps, it becomes easier to bring positive people into our lives.

Exercise #1:
  • List out 5 areas in  your life in which you could add more positivity.
  • List out 5 positive influences in your life.
  • List out 5 changes which you can make that will add more positivity in your life.
Song of the Day: "The Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi

I have made the decision to embrace a more positive outlook on life.
I will become the positive person whom I seek to attract into my life.
I will cherish these positive people and not take their love and light for granted.
I will not suck their energy dry as a means of propping myself up.

Listen to the audio version of Overcoming the Loser Spirit:Overcoming the Loser Spirit:Filling Your Life With Positive People via the Bougie Girl University podcast.

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