Sunday, May 12, 2013

Overcoming The Loser Spirit: Self-Acceptance (Lesson #13)

Earlier in this series, we discussed the important role in which self-awareness plays in combating the Loser Spirit. Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses is not the same as accepting them.

Self-acceptance is owning up to our strengths and weaknesses. 

The act of self-acceptance requires that we honor the core of who we are and to rock the best version of ourselves. Self-acceptance enables us to live life on our terms and it is not based on external factors at all.

Note, that accepting ourselves does not grant us carte blanche to settle for less than true authenticity in our lives.

Self-acceptance brings us closer to who we are and further away from The Loser Spirit.

Exercise #1:
  • List out 5 things that you are struggling to accept about yourself.
  • List out 5 things that you accept about yourself.
  • List out 5 ways in which you  are working to be the best version of yourself.
 Quote: "Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly."~ Saint Francis de Sales

I accept who I am both my strengths and weaknesses.
I accept that I am worthy of being the best version of myself.
I accept that my journey may be different from those around me  but, I will honor it just the same.

Listen to the audio version of Overcoming the Loser Spirit: Self-Acceptance via the Bougie Girl University podcast. 

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