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5 Challenges of Teaching Online Courses

For the past year or so, I have been brainstorming ideas for online courses. Back in 2012, I set up an online course on Udemy entitled: "Overcoming The Loser Spirit". That course was comprised of both blogposts and podcasts in which I had discussed the concept of "The Loser Spirit".

A few students enrolled in the course and I kind of forgot about...until I was sent a notice by Udemy that there curriculum policies were changing. Now, Udemy requires that video be incorporated into the classes on their platform.

At the time, I had no interest in doing video of any kind. For one, I was unsure on whether I could successfully create a course-worthy video lecture. I walked away from the whole teaching on Udemy thing and focused on other projects.

Fast forward to early this year, when I made the decision to launch this blog and  revive "The Loser Spirit" series as an online course.  In addition, this year I started experimenting with filming myself and as result…