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Bougie Girl University: Building A Room On A Budget-Bathrooms

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1. Shower Curtain 2. Rugs or Floor Covering 3. Towels 4. Art 5. Hooks 6. Robe 7. Soap 8. Toothbrush Holder 9. Body Wash 10. Wastepaper Basket 11. Toilet Paper Holder 12. Window Treatments

Bougie Girl University: The 9 Tenents Of Being A Bougie Girl (Video)

Listen to my latest audio entitled: "The 9 Tenents Of Being A Bougie Girl"

1.  Know Thyself2. Work Hard, Work Smart3. Be A Citizen Of The World4. Stay Current5. Use Critical Thinking6. Be Kind To Others7. Elevate And Evolve8. Mentor Others9. Be An Inspirer