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The Art of A Hustle: Applying Hustle To Your Everyday Life (Lesson #3)-Part Two

Whenever we are learning a new skill, it is tempting to jump out in front and just start doing it.

Sometimes, this is the right action to take. However, when it comes to growing your hustle empire, going slowly is a better option.

If we have money coming into our coffers and our bills paid with some left over save then we can afford to take a little time to review new opportunities before we acting upon them.

Understandably, there are times when our  hustle will take off  like a shot. During these times we may be tempted to just ride the wave and not think about structuring anything. In the long run, this can work against us.

Below are some tips which will help you to grow your hustle slowly:

1. Organize business related documentation and correspondence.
2. Purge clutter on a regularly basis.
3. Create and stick to a budget.
4. Examine your finances and other business metrics on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.
5. Network with other entrepreneurs on a regular basis.

The Art of A Hustle: Applying Hustle To Your Everyday Life (Lesson #3)-Part One

So, far you have learned about the hustle and what the heart of it looks like. I have broken the final lesson into two parts.  In these final lessons,  I am going to discuss how to apply hustle to your everyday life.

 I believe that this is the most challenging part of the course because can know something intellectually and yet be unable to apply it in our daily lives.

 Below are 3 simple ways to apply the hustle in your everyday life:

1. A Hustler welcomes obstacles

A hustler approaches an unexpected setback as welcome challenge. A hustler's confidence grows with each obstacle that they are able to hurdle over.  Embrace challenges in your life as an opportunity to sharpen your skillset as a hustler.

2. A Hustler has multiple streams of income

A hustler always has  multiple streams of income flowing into their coffers. Multiple streams of income can be created by selling items online, house-sitting/pet-sitting, dog-walking, and/or working a part-time gig.

3. A Hustler does thei…

The Art of A Hustle: Heart of a Hustle (Lesson #2)

During the midst of your hustle, life seems to expand into a vast store of opportunities. However, be aware that life within the heart of the hustle also contracts to exclude negative elements such as: psychodrama, excuses, and other  various anchorweights.

Now, for many people letting go of the above-mentioned negative elements can be too much to bear. They conveniently find ways to sabotage their hustle because they are too attached to the negative elements in their lives.  As a result, their lives stagnate and eventually they become resentful of folks whom are still working within the heart of the hustle.

In addition, whom you  choose to surround yourself with on a regular basis is a strong indicator of how far you will go in life. It is crucial during your come-up to surround and align yourself with the following types of people:

1. Mentor
2. Supporter
3. An equal
4. Protege

Throughout the different stages of your life, individual members of your Hustle Tribe will more than …

The Art Of A Hustle: Introduction (Lesson #1)

What exactly is a hustle? Depending on whom you speak with a hustle can be defined as one of the following:

a) a dance popular during the 1970's;
b) a way in which to scam others; and/or
c)  working with what you got.

This course will center around answer c).

The basic components of Hustle are a strong work ethic, an effective game plan, and  the ability to create a bigger vision for yourself.

How can your find your hustle?

Below are two main types of hustles:
1. For Now hustle
2. Dream hustle

For Now hustle
A For Now hustle is what you are currently doing to make ends meet. It can be an entry-level gig such as washing dishes in a restaurant or even a position as a law firm Associate.

Questions to Ponder
-How much money will you need to live on?
-What can you do in your For Now hustle to bring in more money and/or benefits?
-Can you work paid overtime or take a side gig to bring in more income?
-What is your timeline for transitioning out of your For Now hustle and into your Dr…