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The Art of A Hustle: Class Syllabus

Hustlin' ain't easy.

 Just so we are clear, this course is all about the legitimate ways of hustlin'. In other words, I am equating the term "hustle" with working harder, being smarter, and weaving a bigger vision into your life.

Hustlin' isn't something that we are born with. It is mindset that we learn to develop over the years.

Lesson #1-Introduction
-What is hustlin? Basic components-Working Harder, Working Smarter, Weaving in the Bigger Vision
-How can you find your hustle?
-What is a "For Now" hustle?
-What is a  "Dream" Hustle?

Lesson #2-Heart of the Hustle
-In the heart of the hustle-What life looks like in the midst of the hustle
-How hustle will change your life for better and for worse
-People you need in your Hustle Tribe

Lesson  #3-Applying Hustle to your Everyday Life
-Applying Hustle on a small scale
-Grow slowly, but don't stop growin'

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Overcoming The Loser Spirit: Outlining Your Life-Long Pursuits (Lesson #17)

Bougie Girl University:Outlining Your Life-Long Key Chain by Bougie Girl Apparel
Congratulations! We made it to the final lesson in "Overcoming The Loser Spirit Series".  
What does the rest of our journey away from the Loser Spirit look like? 
Are we taking the necessary steps to cut ties or at the very least, loosen the bonds which are currently tying us  to toxic people/situations?
The answers to the above-mentioned questions may not be immediately clear to us. Shifts in our perspective take time to take hold in our lives. This is why it is important to have an outline of the type of life we want to lead.  
Creating a life outline does not have to be a huge and complicated undertaking. We can start by jotting down  5-10 hobbies that we enjoy doing. Next, we write a brief history on how those hobbies came into our lives. Finally, we write a brief summary on how we plan to integrate these hobbies into the rest of our lives. 
Granted, some of our hobbies may not take us into…

Overcoming The Loser Spirit: Embracing Yourself (Lesson #16)

Bougie Girl University: Embracing Yourself Key Chains by Bougie Girl Apparel

Sometimes, we just need to take a step back from our stressful lives and give ourselves a huge metaphorical hug.  
So how can we better embrace ourselves?
It starts with building a sliver of solitude into our lives. It may be more challenging for parents and other family caregivers to consistently carve out long blocks of time out for solitude. However, just an hour a day of quiet time can recharge us. Next, we take the time to embrace who we are and how far we have come in our journey.
Exercise #1- Are you embracing where you are right now in your journey?  If so, what was the turning point in which you decided to embrace your life's journey? If not, what is holding you back from embracing your life?
Song of the Day:"The Toreador" by Georges Bizet

I am self-aware. I am actively practicing self-acceptance. I am embracing myself and where I am in my journey.

Listen to the audio version…

Overcoming The Loser Spirit: Staying Present In The Moment (Lesson #15)

Bougie Girl University: Staying Present Keychain by Bougie Girl Apparel

Staying present in the moment one of the biggest challenges in our 24/7-constantly connected world.  At any given moment, we are barraged with irrelevant updates, musings, and other distractions which hold no real bearing over our lives.
 Yet, we cannot seem to jump off the carousel of constant distractions. We are terrified to fall behind in the cycle of technology distractions. 
What if we miss an oh-so-important twitter update from the reality television star of the moment?  
In order to stay in the present moment, we have to take a step back and focus on what really matters to us in our lives.
Exercise #1: Turn off all of your devices for 3 hours. Spend the quiet time reading a book, doing a crossword puzzle, drawing, writing, cooking, and/or cleaning.  After the 3 hours are up, spend 30 minutes writing about the experience. How did being deviceless for 3 hours make you feel? Did you sail through without longin…

Overcoming The Loser Spirit: Allowing Love To Flow Into Your Life...(Lesson #14)

Bougie Girl University: Allowing Love To Flow Key Chains by Bougie Girl Apparel Lack of  authentic love in our lives can make us feel as though we are staggering along a dried up riverbed. We seek this authentic love in our daily interactions and yet we still come up short. We  kill time in relationships and marriages because we don't know what else to do with ourselves.Far off in the distance, we can hear the rumbling of authentic love roaring down the riverbed. We long for the healing properties of authentic love and wonder if the correct dosage will be enough to fill the eternal vacant sections of our soul. And, yet as it flows closer to us we become worried that we are not worthy of such a gift. Immediately, we look for ways to block its arrival. Most of the time, we are able to successfully block it from our lives. We tell ourselves that authentic love will always come back for us. But, as the years flow on and we notice that authentic love comes around us less and less.