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The Art of A Hustle: Class Syllabus

Bougie Girl University:Art Of A Hustle-Syllabus

Hustlin' ain't easy.

 Just so we are clear, this course is all about the legitimate ways of hustlin'. In other words, I am equating the term "hustle" with working harder, being smarter, and weaving a bigger vision into your life.

Hustlin' isn't something that we are born with. It is mindset that we learn to develop over the years.

Lesson #1-Introduction
-What is hustlin? Basic components-Working Harder, Working Smarter, Weaving in the Bigger Vision
-How can you find your hustle?
-What is a "For Now" hustle?
-What is a  "Dream" Hustle?

Lesson #2-Heart of the Hustle
-In the heart of the hustle-What life looks like in the midst of the hustle
-How hustle will change your life for better and for worse
-People you need in your Hustle Tribe

Lesson  #3-Applying Hustle to your Everyday Life
-Applying Hustle on a small scale
-Grow slowly, but don't stop growin'

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