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3 Financial Podcasts For Beginners

2015 is the year for you to develop working knowledge of both personal finance and a basic understanding of how the stock market works. Below are some financial podcasts which help you garner a basic understanding of how the financial world works.

1. The Dave Ramsey Podcast
Dave has the heart of a teacher and actually takes the time to walk listeners through how to get out of debt. He also has a podcast aimed at business owners entitled: The Entreleadership Podcast.

2. MarketFoolery
Hosted by Chris Hill, this daily podcast is generally no more than 20 minutes and features interviews with stock analysts. There is also a more comprehensive weekly program entitled:Motley Fool Money.

3. Slate Money By Slate Magazine
Hosted by Felix Salmon, this weekly show features exciting guest panelists, global topics, and timely segments. Sometimes, the discussions get a wee bit esoterical but, overall it is a good resource for anyone looking to better understand the basics of the financial world.


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