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Bougie Girl University Presents: Life Is What You Make It- 5 Steps That You Can Take Right Now to Change Your Life...(Step One-Make The Decision)

Week 1-Make the Decision
  • Are you dissatisfied with the direction of where your life is going?
  • Is living stuck in the past no longer an option for you?
  • Today is the day that you have decided to make a change. 
  • After declaring your desire to change now comes the difficult part…taking action on your decision. 
  • Write down the 5 main reasons you have made the decision to change your life. 
  • What is driving you to make this change?
  • Write down all of the positive changes which you think will come out of the decision to make a change in your life.
Main Theme for the Week 1 Lecture
  • The decision to invoke change in your life will bring up a tidal wave of unexpected things.
  • Invoking change is scary for you and others around you.
  • There is a solitary aspect in the beginning of every new life-changing journey.
  • Coping with the desire to quit.

(Listen to the Bougie Girl University podcast for the audio version of Step One-Make The Decision)


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