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Bougie Girl University Presents: Life Is What You Make It- 5 Steps That You Can Take Right Now to Change Your Life...(Step Four:Making Consistency a Habit)

Week 4 –Making Consistency a Habit
  • It has been said that practice makes permanent. In other words, our daily habits help to shape our lives.
  • For  example, if you desperately want to get into shape but, every day you forego exercise in order to surf the Internet all day and night…
  • What are the chances that you are going to get back in shape? 
  • However, if you carved out 30 minutes in the morning to go on a stroll, you would create a new and healthier habit.  You would also get closer to your goal of getting into shape.   
  • The key to making consistency a habit is to build a solid foundation and to keep things simple whenever possible.
  • List 3 of your healthiest habits.
  • How are you able to consistently institute them into your daily life?
  • List 3 of your not so healthy habits.
  • What is your plan for changing them?    
Main theme of the Week 4 lecture

  • Habits are the foundation of our daily lives.
  • Consistency is the key to permanently changing our habits.
(Listen to the Bougie Girl University podcast for the audio version of  Step Four-Making Consistencey A Habit)


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