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BGU: Ending Summer On A High Note-7 Day Try Something New Challenge

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Is 7 days enough time to create a lasting change? Well, I believe that 7 days of effort and dedication can create just enough space to change our perspective. A different perspective can enable us to create lasting change.

The tasks listed in the 7 day challenge may appear on the outset to be too simplistic. However, simple changes are often the catalyst for bigger ones. Students will need a notebook and writing utensil for this course. The notepad feature in a mobile device will also work.

Day 1- Make a list of the following things:

-Food, beverages, and/or restaurants which you have always wanted to try
-Skills that you wish to learn.
-Cultures and ethnic groups which you have always been curious about.
-Musical and dance genres which you are not familiar with.
-Groups/Organizations which you always wanted to join.

Day 2- Food/Beverage/Restaurant Day
Try a new food, beverage, and/or restaurant. Jot down what you tried and your thoughts about it.

Day 3-Music and Dance
Listen to an unfamiliar genre of music. You can listen to it online or attend a live show. In addition, learn some new dance steps. You can find informative dance step  tutorials by surfing

Day 4-
Research one of the skills which you want to learn by watching and reading tutorials.

Day 5-
Join a group and attend one of their functions.

Day 6-
Research a culture/ethnic group which you have always been curious about.

Day 7-
Review the past 6 days of activities and assess what worked and what didn't.

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