Sunday, July 14, 2013

BGU: Ending Summer On A High Note (Introduction and Syllabus)

The Fourth of July is now over. You still have not done anything remotely exciting this summer. Next month the kids and/or you will be returning to the classroom. You don't have much time to salvage the remaining weeks of summer.

These next 3 weeks, we are gonna change all that. Starting today, you are packing your metaphorical knapsack and heading out on a couple of adventures.

Below is the Class Syllabus:

Week One-Introduction
A brief introduction on ending your summer on a high note.

Week Two-7 day try something new challenge
This week Professor Bougie Girl encourages pupils to try something new.

Week Three-
This week Professor Bougie Girl offers up suggestions to pupils for exploring new places and spaces.

Listen to this episode of the Bougie Girl University.

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