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BGU: Ending Summer On A High Note-7 Day Travel Someplace New Challenge

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Is 7 days enough time to create a lasting change? Well, I believe that 7 days of effort and dedication can create just enough space to change our perspective. A different perspective can enable us to create lasting change.

The tasks listed in the 7 day challenge may appear on the outset to be too simplistic. However, simple changes are often the catalyst for bigger ones. Students will need a notebook and writing utensil for this course. The notepad feature in a mobile device will also work.

Day 1-Spend a day touring ethnic and retail food stores.

Day 2-Take a day trip 2 hours outside of your town or better yet spend the whole weekend there.

Day 3-Enroll in an foreign language course and start practicing right way.

Day 4-Apply/renew your passport (if applicable) and investigate flights/travel service.

Day 5-Host a travel themed party.

Day 6--Participate in  a walking tour of your town or grab a couple of friends and host one of your own.

Day 7-Ride the bus or the train to work (if possible) and/or to run errands.

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