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The Art of A Hustle: Applying Hustle To Your Everyday Life (Lesson #3)-Part One

Bougie Girl University-Art of A Hustle: Applying
So, far you have learned about the hustle and what the heart of it looks like. I have broken the final lesson into two parts.  In these final lessons,  I am going to discuss how to apply hustle to your everyday life.

 I believe that this is the most challenging part of the course because can know something intellectually and yet be unable to apply it in our daily lives.

 Below are 3 simple ways to apply the hustle in your everyday life:

1. A Hustler welcomes obstacles

A hustler approaches an unexpected setback as welcome challenge. A hustler's confidence grows with each obstacle that they are able to hurdle over.  Embrace challenges in your life as an opportunity to sharpen your skillset as a hustler.

2. A Hustler has multiple streams of income

A hustler always has  multiple streams of income flowing into their coffers. Multiple streams of income can be created by selling items online, house-sitting/pet-sitting, dog-walking, and/or working a part-time gig.

3. A Hustler does their homework

A hustler performs due diligence before making a major purchase, embarking on a new project, and/or taking on a new partner.  A hustler will determine whether or not they need the item. Once a decision has been made to purchase the item, a hustler will shop around for the best deal possible and proceed from there.

Listen to this episode of the Bougie Girl University podcast.


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