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The Art of A Hustle: Heart of a Hustle (Lesson #2)

Bougie Girl University:Art Of A Hustle-Heart

During the midst of your hustle, life seems to expand into a vast store of opportunities. However, be aware that life within the heart of the hustle also contracts to exclude negative elements such as: psychodrama, excuses, and other  various anchorweights.

Now, for many people letting go of the above-mentioned negative elements can be too much to bear. They conveniently find ways to sabotage their hustle because they are too attached to the negative elements in their lives.  As a result, their lives stagnate and eventually they become resentful of folks whom are still working within the heart of the hustle.

In addition, whom you  choose to surround yourself with on a regular basis is a strong indicator of how far you will go in life. It is crucial during your come-up to surround and align yourself with the following types of people:

1. Mentor
2. Supporter
3. An equal
4. Protege

Throughout the different stages of your life, individual members of your Hustle Tribe will more than likely change. Some folks are only meant to be a seasonal component in your life. At the end of the season, wish them well and get back to your own hustle.

Once you get a taste of the hustle, it is difficult to go back to how you were living before. Even after you achieve your career and financial goals, a little piece you may long for the early days of your hustle. 

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