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The Art of A Hustle: Applying Hustle To Your Everyday Life (Lesson #3)-Part Two

 BGU:Applying Hustle To Your Everyday Life-Part Two
Whenever we are learning a new skill, it is tempting to jump out in front and just start doing it.

Sometimes, this is the right action to take. However, when it comes to growing your hustle empire, going slowly is a better option.

If we have money coming into our coffers and our bills paid with some left over save then we can afford to take a little time to review new opportunities before we acting upon them.

Understandably, there are times when our  hustle will take off  like a shot. During these times we may be tempted to just ride the wave and not think about structuring anything. In the long run, this can work against us.

Below are some tips which will help you to grow your hustle slowly:

1. Organize business related documentation and correspondence.
2. Purge clutter on a regularly basis.
3. Create and stick to a budget.
4. Examine your finances and other business metrics on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.
5. Network with other entrepreneurs on a regular basis.
6. Subscribe to at least 2 business related podcasts and blogs.
7. Take at least an hour or so a day to relax and decompress.

Hustlin' ain't easy...but, it can be rewarding.

Listen to this episode of the Bougie Girl University podcast.


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