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The Art Of A Hustle: Introduction (Lesson #1)

 Bougie Girl University: Art of A Hustle-Intro Business Card
What exactly is a hustle? Depending on whom you speak with a hustle can be defined as one of the following:

a) a dance popular during the 1970's;
b) a way in which to scam others; and/or
c)  working with what you got.

This course will center around answer c).

The basic components of Hustle are a strong work ethic, an effective game plan, and  the ability to create a bigger vision for yourself.

How can your find your hustle?

Below are two main types of hustles:
1. For Now hustle
2. Dream hustle

For Now hustle
A For Now hustle is what you are currently doing to make ends meet. It can be an entry-level gig such as washing dishes in a restaurant or even a position as a law firm Associate.

Questions to Ponder
-How much money will you need to live on?
-What can you do in your For Now hustle to bring in more money and/or benefits?
-Can you work paid overtime or take a side gig to bring in more income?
-What is your timeline for transitioning out of your For Now hustle and into your Dream hustle?

Dream Hustle
A Dream hustle is the work which makes your soul come alive. Sometimes, it's creative work and other times it may have to do with a trade such as car mechanics.

Questions to Ponder
-How much money will you need to use as seed money for your Dream hustle?
-What actions can you take to create and develop your Dream hustle?
-What actions can you take to transition from a For Now hustle into a Dream one?

 Action Steps
 1. Identify your goal and state your commitment it.
 2. Map out your strategy in 3 month, 6 month, and yearly goals.
 3. Surround yourself with people on a similar path.
 4. Apply your hustle

Transitioning from your For Now hustle into a Dream hustle  will take a lot of work and maneuvering on your part. You may have to sacrifice evenings and weekends in order to build up your Dream hustle into sustainable employment.

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