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Bougie Girl University Presents: Life Is What You Make It- 5 Steps That You Can Take Right Now to Change Your Life...(Step Three-Make Better Choices )

Week 3-Make Better Choices
  • Making different choices requires that you hold yourself up to a higher standard of personal accountability…which can be exceedingly uncomfortable.
  • For example, let’s say you are looking for ways to trim your monthly budget. Looking through your bank statements, you notice multiple charges for dining out expenses. Upon further self-reflection, you realize that you rarely stock your food pantry.
  • Going forward, you hit the grocery store once a week to stock your house with food. As a result of making the choice to go grocery shopping on a regular basis, you have cut your expenses in half.
  • List 3 things in your life that you would like to change.
  • For each item write down how you can choose differently to make your proposed change a reality.
Main Theme for the Week 3 Lecture

  • The positive ripple effect of making better choices.
  • Baby stepping your way into making better choices

(Listen to the Bougie Girl University podcast for the audio version of  Step Three-Make Better Choices)


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